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LAK13 - First impressions


I am visiting the annual Learning Analytics conference LAK 2013 in Leuven. I did this as part of the core team in the Special Interest Group for Learning Analytics at Surf and for the University of Amsterdam Central Computer Services.

My first day of events was the preconference workshop on teaching analytics.  Due to the pace of delivery of detail rich, applicable, presentations, time went past fast. My laptop keyboard buzzed and lots of relevant notes were made.  During the day I tried to keep track and list of tools and projects within the LA problem domain worth tracking. This partial list included:

  • •   Newton Analytics
  • •   SAIL
  • •   StatTutor
  • •   Learning Dashboard
  • •   Knewton Adaptive  
  • •   Aleks
  • •   socrative App
  • •   GeoGebra
  • •   Go soapbox
  • •   Mandalay
  • •   SMALA
  • •   enRima - Scenarios (
  • •   JuxtaLearn
  • •   Wikiversity
  • •   Class Dojo
  • •   iKlassroom
  • •   BioWorld
  • •   Globlaloria


Wow, a lot of effort done by clever people working expanding a sea of possibilities.

Day 1 of the conference was packed back to front with presentations. The Keynote was from Marsha Lovett who delivery and content was excellent.

I particularly enjoyed the presentation on the Live Interest Meter.  The meter is based on a video system that captures the movements in a class. It converts the information into activity and deduces interest. Obviously the context of the movement helps with the deduction of the relationship between the teacher and the class. This looks like a project that could grow into a significant service. You can imagine, that other projects using standard video configurations such as opencast ( could absorb the functionality to create a better overall service.  This allows the wider community source structure to rapidly improve the value of both products.

 The memorable moments included a visit to the Townhall. The building was old, the atmosphere very pleasant.

Later Surf provided an excellent thought-provoking event centered   around a meal. There were three speakers. After each course of the meal the tables changed. The well-known speakers were:

  • ·      Abelardo Pardo, University of Sydney
  • ·      George Siemens, University of Athabasca
  • ·      Erik Duval, University of Leuven

Day 2 was another day of back to back presentations split over two tracks.

Again another set of excellent opportunities for me to learn.

Standard Learning Management Systems include tools such as WIKI’s blogs and forums, which are often the means to write text collaboratively. The big take home for me from the days presentations was that we can already look towards enhancing this standard set of tools by embedding quietly Learning Analytics. An example of good embedding was given in the presentation on ‘Learning Analytics for Online Discussions’.  The presenters had enhanced a forums tool in such a way that the tool displayed which forums the students had not interacted. This approach focused attention on allowing efficient navigation.

More presentations to come: At the time of writing this paragraph, we are in the third day of presentations.  I am looking forward to learning more.

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