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SoLAR FLARE event – The Open University UK

Friday October 24th 2014, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting with Patrick Lynch from Hull University one of the two keynote speeches at the SoLAR Flare event in the UK. 

Note:The event was streamed live and I expect the presentations to be preserved later in the LACE portal (

SoLAR Flares provide opportunities to learn what’s going on in learning analytics research and practice, to share resources and experience, and to forge valuable new connections within the education sector and beyond. You can discover information about #LACEFLARE at the following location:

Patrick and my keynote was about a International community of interest, the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative of which I am the community officer and Patrick the communications officer.  (

The goal of our community is to accelerate the operationalization of Learning Analytics software and frameworks, support the validation of analytics pilots across institutions, and work together to avoid duplication of efforts.

The day was guided by the humorous interventions and gentle hands of Doug Clow. After a brief introduction, Patrick and I presented. We emphasized the need to grow communities of interest with evangelists from both the practioners who build software for many millions of students and the researchers who can suggest enrichments. We discussed the potential intersection points between communities, such as:

  1. Develop a joint Incubation process
  2. Look towards product enrichment
  3. Explore cross validation and benchmarking between organizations.
  4. The need to join effort utilizing each other’s skillsets and experiences.

 And then quickly reviewed the software that exists or will exist in the near future. The software including; a student retention system, two Open Learning Record stores, connectivity from an LMS to the record stores and a number of other enhancements.

The second keynote was by Chris Lowis about the FutureLearn MOOC platform ( He discussed the types of information analyzed and the rapid incremental approach to improving the platform.

Next, there were around ten lightening presentations of on going LA projects. The maturity and potential of the projects is something to applaud. This evidence will be preserved by the LACE portal.

After lunch we broke into groups and discussed emerging evidence a cross a number of themes including ethics. The discussions I was involved in were complex, well thought out and challenging to reply at the same quality. In the end the conclusion was that this field is more detailed and complex than would appear from a distance.

I enjoyed the day and would like to thank the organizers and helpers in making the experience an excellent collective memory.



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