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UvA Analytics kick off

The University of Amsterdam with the support of a Surf Foundation grant are looking at Learning Analytics to give students feedback about how they are doing in their Learning Management System. A small pilot and montiored feedback is taking place by the Faculteit Maatschappij en gedragsweternschappen.

You can improve student retention by giving the right amount of feedback at the right moment. Systems such as Signal ( have shown the way. The grant allows us to perform a pilot with limited extent to get a feel for this area . In the pilot we will be creating a tool that you can see in Blackboard UvA's main LMS. The tool resides outside Blackboard. Later, you can potentially use it for other systems as well.

The tool works using an open standard (BasicLTI) to enable interoperability with other LMS's such as Sakai and Moodle. However, the focus of the Proof of Concept is limited to Blackboard. Data collection occurs through the use of the Open Source web analytics tool PIWIK. The data collected and especially the details of the data collected need tweaking per LMS. The success of the project will strongly depend on which details you can wring out of tracking data.

At the time of writing, coding is taking place.

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    Hi Alan, Many thanks for the first Blog entry on The Learning Analytics pilots. I hope it inspires the other projects to post their first blog as well :-) . Good luck with the coding, we're looking forward to hearing more from UvAnalytics!