SIGKDD Explorations: Special Issue on Educational Data Mining


Educational Data Mining (EDM) is an emerging multidisciplinary
research area, in which methods and techniques for
exploring data originating from various educational information
systems have been developed. EDM is both a learning
science, as well as a rich application area for data mining,
due to the growing availability of educational data. EDM
contributes to the study of how students learn, and the settings
in which they learn. It enables data-driven decision
making for improving the current educational practice and
learning material.
SIGKDD Explorations is one of the main forums for commucation to Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
We would like to spead the news that a special issue on EDM has been published recently  and it is also available online now.
The introduction to the special issue that can be found at presents a brief overview of EDM and introduce four selected EDM papers representing a crosscut
of different application areas for data mining in education.


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