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Stress Analytics in Education


During the years of college and university education stu-
dents are exposed to different kinds of stress, especially dur-
ing the difficult studying periods like final exams weeks or
project deadlines. Stress on a long run is dangerous and
can contribute to illness through its physiological effects or
maladaptive health behaviors. Many students admit, or are
self-aware, that they become stressed under dierent circum-
stances and have some clues about their potential stressor.
According to a survey by fifteen university and college newspapers in the Netherlands ( many students themselves confirm that they
encounter serious stress in related to their studies.
In our recent work on stress analytics in education we aim at providing
means to students to become aware of the past, current and expected (objectively measured) stress and its correlation with their performance, to understand their stressors, to cope with and prevent stress - thus, to live healthier and happier lives and better organize their studies.
The abstract describing the general idea and presenting the early steps of the work can be found at

Interestingly, it has gained quite some attention as at EDM 2012 conference as among the student, thus we plan to continue working in this direction. 


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